Uber and Corporate Housing, a Killer Combination

The Uber transportation service has experienced a boom in popularity and for a good reason.  It solves a problem around transportation.  Up until Uber, this service was provided uniquely by Taxi companies.  However, it is cumbersome to deal with them and the drivers are often rude.  In addition, one is never quite sure what Taxi company services the area during your travels.  The long wait time can be easily an issue and to top it all off, it is quite expensive.

That where Uber comes in.  It solves all these problems.  A few taps on your cellphone and in 5 minutes you have a clean car that can take you wherever you need to go for a really good price.  My personal experiences with Uber have been fantastic.  It is also in multiple countries.  I have used it in Mexico besides the United States and the service is as good and practical despite subtle differences.

Uber becomes a great complement to corporate housing and temporary housing services.  Most people travel generally without their car but no need to feel crippled in your comfort or capabilities.  You can stay at a furnished apartment and move around town using Uber.  It makes the traveling affair a lot simpler than it used to be.  I recently traveled to a small city in Mexico for business and was able to avoid renting a car saving a lot of money.  I stayed near downtown so I walked a lot, additionally I used Uber often and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

In the Fort Hood and Killeen area, the Uber service is wonderful.  We also have wonderful and clean temporary housing accommodations at Killeen Townhomes.  We make your experience painless with electronic keyless locks so you don’t have to visit an office.  Often we have contractors in construction and other industries that come stay with us.  We receive wonderful reviews and we are happy to provide a competent service for our clients.

EmerichUber and Corporate Housing, a Killer Combination