Extended Stay Options in Killeen

When you are temporarily in Killeen, you have plenty of options to choose.  You have extended stay hotels but you also have extended stay apartments and townhomes which we offer.  Most people are familiar with the hotels and the extended stay hotels but certainly not familiar with the superior option of extended stay townhomes and apartments.

What people generally don’t know is that unlike the hotels, the extended stay townhomes and apartments offer full size accommodations for a similar or lower price.  They are comparable to what you have in your own home.   And that makes a significant difference in your everyday life.  For instance, you can do your own laundry in the comfort and privacy of your apartment as opposed to having to haul your dirty laundry facility and waiting until it is done.  There are many other differences like having a full size kitchen to cook your meals whenever you want using the pots, pans, dishes and utensils provided.  At extended stay hotels you get a refrigerator, stove maybe but you are on your own with plates, cups and utensils making you having to spend extra on those items and paper cups and plates.

Regarding space and privacy, you don’t have people above or below you cutting down on noise and increasing your privacy.  Having a full size living room and a yard gives you a different sense of space and comfort when coming home after a full day of work.  Who hasn’t felt claustrophobic after a week of staying at an extended stay hotel.  It can feel cramped and tiring to be in the same room all the time. It is harder to relax after a long day of work when you come back to a cramped hotel room.  When you are tired, you are less productive and even more vulnerable to illnesses.

And finally and not less important is the issue of cost.  Most extended stay hotels are not priced competitively for long term stays.  Their prices seem low but they hide all the extra expenses you will have to make such as coin laundry, outside eating, utensils, paper plates & cups as a few examples.  Our prices are comparable or lower and we are able to offer so much more.  Clients often talk to us about the differences with the hotels and they will always check their apartment or townhomes options first.

At Killeen Townhomes we offer furnished properties with all the comforts at a very competitive cost, certainly cheaper than an extended stay place like Value Place.  You will be welcomed into a relaxed atmosphere, with comfortable, clean and highly functional accommodations.  We offer a fully stocked kitchen to cook and serve.  Fast internet service (compare to hotels) and inside the apartment full size washer & dryer.  We also have designed our rental process so that you don’t have to ever come to an office to complete paperwork.  Instead, you call or text and we email you the rental document which you can complete online.  Our properties are keyless and you pay by credit card, so once you send the rental document we charge and send you the entry codes.  It is that simple and our clients love it.  Please give us a try and you will never go back to an extended stay hotel in Killeen.

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