Getting insurance for your Townhome

Getting insurance for your a Townhome Finding a great insurance plan can be tough, here are some tips to make it easier. There are lots of different companies, all offering multiple insurance packages. How could ever possibly narrow it down to one? Coverage. Don’t just buy whatever the insurer offers, make sure you do your research into finding a plan …

KDHDigitalGetting insurance for your Townhome

Benefits of living in a Townhome

Benefits of living in a Townhome Living in a townhouse can have many perks to it! A large complaint about townhouses is that they’re very restrictive. However this complaint is completely false! (in most cases). People tend to imagine that all townhouses must be kept to the same standards, colors, and even layouts. This is completely wrong once bought it’s …

KDHDigitalBenefits of living in a Townhome

Harker Heights listens to Citizens for Rezone

Council members voted Tuesday to approve a zoning change based on citizen input. Joseph Molis, interim planning and development director, said SGSB Land Holdings requested a rezoning changing 10 acres of land near the southeast corner of Nola Ruth Boulevard and Old Nolanville Road from a single-family dwelling district (R1) to a mixed-use planned development district (PD-M).  

KDHDigitalHarker Heights listens to Citizens for Rezone

What is a Townhome?

A townhouse, or town house, as used in North America, Asia, Australia, South Africa and parts of Europe, is a type of medium-density housing in cities, usually but not necessarily terraced (row housing) or semi-detached. A modern town house is often one with a small footprint on multiple floors. The term originally referred in British usage to the city residence …

KDHDigitalWhat is a Townhome?

Traveling to a New Town

by Kathryn Leisinger Traveling to a new town is often difficult even for seasoned travelers. Staying for an extended period, learning where all the good places to shop are, meeting new people can be overwhelming or exciting depending on how you look at things. Keeping the simple things in the front of your mind will keep the real things in …

KDHDigitalTraveling to a New Town

Killeen Townhomes

by Kathryn Leisinger Imagine going to a town that wasn’t like yours yet you can relax in a comfortable and clean furnished townhome while you had to be away from your home. Sounds better than a hotel doesn’t it? Killeen Townhomes offers the conveniences of home without the inconvenience aspects of a hotel close to Fort Hood and Killeen.  

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